Make your Moments Memorable

Wedding is that time in your life when your feet hardly touch the ground and you are mostly found somewhere near the clouds, right?

Well, not so if you happen to be the one booking the hall and making the arrangements. We went through something similar a while back, when we were planning a friend’s wedding in Karachi… from Islamabad. In times when you can order roll paratha online, not being able to find shadi halls and event venues on the web was quite frustrating – never mind figuring out the finer details such as food or prices or decorations.

But adversity usually gives birth to innovation – or in our times – to a start-up.

So, what happens when a budding entrepreneur from LUMS and a seasoned software engineer walk into to a room? Of course, they decide to create And then when a director of a leading Telco joins them as an advisor, what happens then? is created and it starts executing deals with excellent service standards.

Here at, we are millennial who would just love it if things were simpler, like ordering roll paratha online or booking a cab from your mobile phone. We love technology, because – you guessed it – it simplifies things. is a growing portal of wedding halls, marquees and event venues which offers you the convenience of comparing and choosing a venue from the comfort of your home. Our venue details include location, pricing, pictures, packages and all the other minor details you can think of, so that you can make an informed choice.

What’s more is that we try to make all of this cost effective for you too, by offering exclusive discounts on your venue bookings.

And the fun doesn’t just end when you finalize a venue. Once you have made your booking, you are then eligible to enjoy exclusive shopping discounts with our ‘discount partners’ – a group of leading international and national brands who have partnered with by offering exclusive discounts to our customers.

We have helped solve many problems in our professional careers over the years in healthcare, telecom, education and finance sectors. We are backed by some of the industry’s leading figures. Most importantly, we are here to stay and grow by providing you with quality service.

So, join us on the ride by logging in and booking your first venue with – venue booking simplified.